25. August 2015


Seminars, Conferences, Training, Meetings, Free-time, Company Events, Parties …

The Schlüsshof is a meeting place where a variety of different groups can find the appropriate space. We hope that the participants will be able to feel comfortable and relaxed at their event, hosted at the Schlüsshof.

Many groups with very different themes like to use our facility regularly and have become return customers.

On the following web-pages you will find our calendar of events with all the confirmed event dates as well as information about the event(s).

Many groups are open to the public – perhaps you will find something suitable for yourself?

You may contact the event organizer directly for inquiries or for registration. The contact data is provided as well as linked.


A Special Offer – The Schlüßhof-facilitated Seminars

Along with his team, the owner of the Schlüsshof, the „Schlüssherr“ Matthias Kschinschig, offers a series of events; the Schlüsshof seminars (German content).

Schlüßhof-Seminare Rollup

Schlüßhof Seminars Rollup

Matthias Kschinschig purchased the Schlüßhof in 2009, after having already offered seminars at the Schlüsshof since 2001 as an event organizer. He conducts his seminars with an established trainer team and at the same time is continuously developing the Schlüsshof as a meeting place for other groups.

The Schlüsshof seminars are open to the public. They are self-awareness seminars, on one hand with calming themes such as mediation seminars, and on the other hand with experiential seminars – full of life, joy, and music.

Curious? On the web-page called „Schlüsshof Seminars“, you can find the entire program and application forms on the company’s own website at www.schluesshof-seminare.de (German content).

You can find Schlüsshof Seminars on facebook – please feel free to join us there! This is an excellent way to get the the latest news and updates, as well as stories and other news from the Schlüsshof Seminars group. See you there!