26. August 2015


The Schlüßhof-Seminars (Experience-based seminars) – welcome to yourself

The Schlüsshof is a seminar venue for a very wide range of diverse groups and events.

In addition, the owner of the Schlüsshof also offers a series of his own self-development seminars, called the Schlüsshof seminars.

The themes are diverse and range from tranquil seminars such as meditation and relaxation to enjoyable and enchanting offers such as ‚The World is Sound‘ In addition, more challenging themes are offered, such as ‚All of Life is a Game‘ or ‚Moments and Encounters‘.

The concept of these seminars is always about having inspiring experiences, more joy of life and self-awareness as well as a new quality of interaction with other people.

We are offering the following themes in 2017 – Registration is now open:

  • Meditation and Relaxation (2x)
  • All of Life is a Game
  • Moments and Encounters
  • Centered Living
  • The World is Sound
  • Couple’s Seminar
  • Finding Your Own True Path

You will find the entire program, dates, registration possibilities and additional information on the website of the Schlüsshof seminars.

Dance seminars are also offered at the Schlüsshof seminars, usually for beginners to intermediate- advanced students, who are delighted to learn new dances or figures.

If you have any questions, please write an email to fragen@schluesshof-seminare.de