13. August 2015

Seminars and conferences

(Almost) everything is possible at the Schlüßhof!

The range of services at the Schlüßhof are so extensive, the equipment so comprehensive and the team so flexible that (almost) every type of event is possible and most wishes of the groups can be met.

In our area for organizers you will find

  • Information about the seminar rooms
  • Information about meals at the Schlüßhof
  • To demonstrate the range of possibilities for groups that come to the Schlüßhof, we have created a list of seminars and trainings which have already taken place with us – often with regular repeats.
  • You can download the latest pictures from the Schlüßhof to download, for example, to illustrate your event invitations.
  • You may download the basics of the seminar rooms to help you plan better.

Note for organizers: In our booking area, you will find all the information you need for planning, booking and organizing your event. Here you will also find our Event Calendar (German). Here you have the opportunity to introduce your seminar, to name your contact person and to refer to your website.

In our section for the event participants you will find