1. September 2015


Healthy, diverse, whole-food cuisine

One should offer the body something good so that the soul has a desire to live in it.
Winston Churchill

We want our guests to feel at home in body and in soul, and this includes healthy, varied, delicious and nourishing food and beverages.

The patio at Café am See (Lake Cafe)

The patio at Café am See (Lake Cafe)

The Schüsshof offers the following vegetarian buffet in the Café am See (Lake Cafe):

Morning a diverse breakfast buffet with various breads, cheeses, spreads, jams, muesli, hot breakfast, hot and cold drinks.

Mid-day a main course with several side dishes, salad and dessert.

Evening an elaborate buffet with warm soups, various breads, salads, cheeses, homemade spreads and hot drinks.

Also available in the afternoon is coffee and cake or a fruit plate (please notify us in advance).

Self-serve beer, wine and non-alcoholic soft drinks and snacks are available around the clock. These may be purchased on an „honour-system“ in the room next to the kitchen in the Café am See (Lake Cafe). Your purchases will be recorded on the provided list, and you can pay upon departure.

You will also find coin machines with coffee specialties, a small tea assortment and a free water dispenser in the lobby of all seminar rooms. You will pay for your purchases upon departure.

We are happy to consider special dietary requests such as lactose-free or vegan diet. So we may plan and prepare ahead of time, please let us know about your needs via your group organizer prior to arrival.

Images: Maike and Dieter Schwabe from the Reisenden Köchen („Travelling Cooks“).