13. August 2015

Opportunities for Groups

Diversity Welcome!

The Schlüßhof is designed for the largest diversity of groups and we aim to provide the space and equipment that is exactly fitting for each group.

In recent months, for example, we have welcomed the guests of such groups:

  • aruna Academy (insurance industry conference)
  • Training Groups (Coaching, Psychotherapy, Alexander-Technique, etc …)
  • Choir groups, large and small
  • Christian-based training
  • Specialized seminars for the insurance industry
  • Meetings for professional groups (Finance, Architecture, Physiotherapy, etc…)
  • Company summer parties
  • Workshops for women
  • Gay meetings
  • Weddings
  • Sound seminars
  • Mens Groups
  • Meditation seminars
  • Couple seminars
  • Ritual Groups, e.g., shamanistic
  • Schlüsshof-facilitated seminars
  • Silent retreats
  • Self-help Groups
  • Sports seminars
  • Strategy workshops for financial services providers
  • Management and supervision Groups
  • Dance seminars (especially beautiful on the new parquet floor in the lake pavilion!)
  • Yoga Groups

Special Requests welcome

In addition to the beautiful seminar rooms, the Schlüsshof’s grounds can also be used on an individual basis. So long as it is compatible with the planning of parallel groups, we can accommodate a diversity of special requests (please contact us to discuss fees).

For example:

Do you want to sit at the camp fire in the evening, have drinks there, eat baked potatoes or Stockbrot? No problem! We only need to know ahead of time….
Would you like to participate in a volleyball tournament? We would be glad to help you with the preparations on our premises!

Whatever you are planning, we have the ability to be flexible in meeting your needs and wishes!