11. Dezember 2015

The Schlüßhof

Leisure and Rejuvenation

So much space, so much green – even when several groups run in parallel, you will find plenty of free time and space for your leisure activities in the lush expanse of the Schlüßhof.

We invite you to take an enjoyable time-out at the Schlüßhof during the seminar breaks and free time, enjoy the natural surroundings and to find yourself very far away from with unrest and obligations. We have put together tips for local excursions, and in addition you are always welcome to access our friendly team for further tips, advice and suggestions.

For your convenience, we have created a map for you to download. You will also receive it when you arrive at Café am See (Lake Café).

Information and pictures of the accommodations will help you to choose the right rooms or apartments.

Many frequently asked questions can be found under menu option “The Schlüßhof/Planning Your Stay”. Do you have further questions? Please write to us via the contact form or contact us directly.